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costmetic dentistry, cosmetic dentist, tooth whitening
costmetic dentistry, cosmetic dentist, tooth whitening
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hamilton dentist, tooth whitening, cosmetic dentistry
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Dr. Kevin Cooke plays a leading role in creating custom smiles. He specializes in aesthetic, cosmetic dentistry and has been in practice for 18 years.

Born and raised in Hamilton, Kevin attended Westdale High School where he received honors. He then went onto continue his learning at the College of Wooster in Ohio.

He earned a Bachelor of Arts in chemistry. He then earned his degree in dentistry at Case Western Reserve University at Cleveland Ohio in 1984.

In 1994 he took part in the aesthetic dentistry program at Baylor College of dentistry in Dallas Texas where he was honored an award for his outstanding cosmetic work.

Kevin established his own practice in 1987. The office provides cosmetic as well as general dentistry. When away from the office Kevin and his wife Catherine enjoy Kayaking, hiking, running, water skiing and snowmobiling inthe winter at their Haliburton Cottage.

Dr. Kevin Cooke, DDS

Dr. Kevin Cooke: specializing in cosmetic dentistry, restorative dental work and tooth whitening.

General and Cosmetic Dentistry that your teeth will love you for!
Serving Hamilton, Ancaster and surrounding areas.

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